BILT + Steve Harvey


Steve Harvey worked his way up from a modest upbringing to become a powerhouse of TV, movies, radio, and literature, having written several #1 New York Times Best Selling Books. Not content to rest on his laurels, Steve Harvey believes his calling is to help people, teach people, and share with people throughout the world the journey to success.  In addition, he mentors and spends time with youth, teaching them the importance of responsibility, accountability and service.  He has even created an institute dedicated to teaching youth the journey to success. One key tenant is that a man should dress and act the part, so it is clear why Steve Harvey would be passionate about a premium grooming brand that helps men look and feel their best.

“I’ve long believed that confidence is the foundation of a man’s success, but it’s hard to be confident when you’re not looking or smelling great. I love using BILT because the products are made with premium ingredients and they smell amazing.  In fact, my wife loves the way I smell using BILT, so I’m not allowed to use anything else.”